Both as a dancer and a pedagogue I have always tried to embrace variety of dance styles. I have taught: modern dance, street dance, contemporary dance and jazz dance. I have been teaching dance sine I was 17. Dance combinations and later on choreographies for my dance group CrazyDancers.

  • STREETFUNK – I base this style on street dane which is designed for anyone..Watching dance music videos, listening to black music and applying my creativity I develop my own style. I like to get myself inspired by what´s new in hiphop, but I will always refer to the masters of funky music and dance styles. I have taken out a patent for the term "Streetfunk".
  • MODERN DANCE – many people imagine that modern dance is a commercial dance style. Contrary is the case. It is a style designed for a theatre stage, an artistic dance style. Teaching modern dance, I come out of my own experiences when performing in various modern dane groups in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, I find inspiration in workshops of both contemporary dance and classical moder styles /Limon, Cunningham/ which I have studied at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie. I emphasize the correct employment of "floorwork" work with the dance floor. It is an essencial component of my lesson.
  • Certificate for teaching Pilates method of movement (with Renata Sabongui)
  • Teaching at the International Summer School of Dance in Prague, Prague Conservatory organized
  • Openning own dance studio in the centre of Prague "DANCE HOUSE"
  • Learning styles: Street Funk, Modern Dance and Pilates
    • Cooperation with Dance studio Annita Hatjieftychiou Ltd. in Cyprus
    • Choreography for National competition of contemporary dance in Cyprus
    • Workshops in Larnaca and Nikosia
  • NIKE House Dance
  • Africa NIKE Dance
  • NIKE Rockstars Dancehall
2005 – 2006
  • Summer courses of IF dance group, in Nymburk and in Italy – Marinna di Camerota
  • In Prague: dance and fitness studios: Dance Perfect, World Class, Factory Pro, Familly Fitness
1989 - 2003
  • Summer dance schools : Skryje u Tišnova /for dance school Stalet Brno/
  • Luhačovice /for dance school Victoria Brno /Hlušice and Pelhřimov/ for dance school Hes/