It all began in my home town Brno a Moravian metropolis ... dance and later on my studies. From the age of 6 rhythm gymnastics and study at the basic school of Arts.

  • "LL Project" with DJ Lucca, "Les Figurines"
  • Vivaldianno - J. Svěcený a M. Dvořák, Hybernia theatre in Prague
  • The project "Street Art" Museum BMW, Munich
  • Project feature dance group IF "Man & Woman",Sacre Coeur Church in Prague
  • "LL Project" with DJ Lucca
  • Wellness club nominated me the "personage of the year" for my dance style "street funk"
2003 – 2005
  • Full-length theratre performances in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 – LLProject with my sister DJ Lucca
  • "Cest la vie", choreographer Lenka Ottová
  • The establishment of its third dance group "IF", in Prague on February 11, 2003
  • "Předkloněn vzad": choreographer Lenka Ottová
  • Commercial project Ruie Horty, Potrugal
  • The project with Robert Pool, Austria
  • Project "Archange" with Bruce Taylor´s dance company Choreonyx in Paris back in Prague
  • "Adam and Eve" duet with Martin Vraný, choreographer Jan Kodet
  • Project "Dancemacabre" in Archa theatre in Prague, choreographer Jan Kodet
  • Divadlo Archa, choreografie Jan Kodet
  • member of Ballet Prague (choreographer Libor Vaculík)
1997 – 1999
  • Soloist of Bratislava Dance Theatre (choreographer Jan Ďurovčík), performed Juliet in multimedia performance "R+J", etc.
  • I passed the audition for dance project "Valtice96" choreographed by Bruce Taylora a Derek Williams
  • I founded my 2nd dance group Feedance Group along with Radim Samek
  • 3rd place at the Championship of Czech Republic – choreography "Dozmodrání"
1995 - 1996
  • Scholarship in Holland: in Amsterdam at Jazzshowmusicl school, accepted straight into the 2nd year
  • O transferred to Rotterdamse
  • Dansacademie: studied modern dance techniques /Limon, Cunningham/ and jazzdance, choreographed a solo called "Where does it come from?"" for the school tourne
  • I won comtemporary dance contest "Dance Scene 1993" in Mahenovo theatre in Brno
  • I danced in the project "Cutting the Diamonds" of a Swiss choreographer Parwin Hadinia in Basil.
  • 1st place in Discodance Formation contest in Prostějov – with Crazy Dancers in choreography
  • "Go for it"
  • 1st place in Discodance Solo
  • I performed in the Czech film "Šakalí léta", choreographer by Josef Prouza
  • My first experience with the professional dance group UNO in "Project 1999" in ABC theatre in Prague. Turs in Germany/Hamburg/followed
  • I was acceptet to JAMU /University of Music Arts in Brno/ department Pedagogy of Dance
  • I founded my first dance group Crazy Dancers along with Michal Popelka called Bivoj. We discovered the forerunner of disco dance: the Belgian style called "new beat". Which could – on the music level be compared to today´s house…. We taught this style all around the Czech Republic with great success.
  • Member of contemp. dance group P-4